The reviews are in!

I'm more than impressed by the creativity of your work. Being in Australia it's difficult to gauge whether a ventriloquist figure is as good as it appears on a website, but I wasn't disappointed. Baby Edgar (aka Big Fat Baby - Kirby) appealed to me on so many levels and upon his arrival appealed to me even more. Thank you Jimmy you have been the best ventriloquist builder I have ever dealt with both with your service and your amazing figures. I'm so pleased.

Ben Veenkamp
Spring 2013

"Where do I begin to praise Jimmy Eisenberg's creations? I, myself, am a visual artist and performer who has loved the art of ventriloquism and puppetry all of my life. But, I have always felt that there was a lack of really great puppets. There are very few puppet makers today that, I feel, create pieces with the true souls, unique personalities, sensual textures, vibrancy, and overall quality as those with the Ventriloquist Sideshow trademark. If you find yourself drawn to an Eisenberg puppet it is surely for a very good reason. Each of his creations speaks for itself, and if you can hear it you are surely the one it has chosen to bring it to life on stage. I feel honored to have been chose by not one, but two, of them"!    

Eden Hutchinson
Spring 2011

"Jimmy, Just a word of thanks for such an incredible ventriloquist figure masterpiece!  I did not have the pleasure of ordering this figure directly through you but instead found him in the classifieds. It's like it was just meant to be and Jimmy he was made just for me (he told me so)! I was looking at other figures but it was yours that I kept coming back to! I strongly feel that a connection has to be made prior to the purchase of a figure. I found this connection with your figure. A deal was struck with the previous owner and now I have your figure that was once known as "Lobster boy"!  The name he now goes' by of course is "Carnie". Carnie is an awesome figure and one that I will never part with.
He is filled with great attention to detail and character. What a joy to bring to life. You are truly an artist in everything you do with a unique style of artistic craftsmanship found nowhere else. I have since had the honor of getting to know you and found you to be not only a fantastic artist but a fantastic person! Jimmy, I wish you all the best in the years to come".

Brian Hagelgans
Spring 2011

"I met James Eisenberg at the 2010 conVENTion and thought he might just be the person to help me make tiny parrot beaks & eyes for the 5th version of little Francisco souvenirs.  His work is excellent, his business approach professional, and he completed a difficult project on schedule.  You'll see them on my website:

Sammy King
Winter 2010

"Once in a great while someone comes along whose work is so wholly unique and individual it's almost as if he'd never seen another ventriloquist figure before.The stark differences from the faces of his characters to the hand-dyed and humorously miss-matched clothes, separates James Eisenberg from the pack in the nicest way. I look forward to what he comes up with next; I know it will be eye-opening and smile-provoking...and I wish someone would say this about my work besides me! "
Bill NelsonSummer 2009